Will you soon be a member of Swiss Hostels?

Are you the owner of a hostel, a lodge, a backpackers or some other budget accommodation? Are you looking for more ways to better position your company on the market.? Would you like to exchange your ideas and experiences with other like-minded people? Then you are at the right place with the Swiss Hostels association.

The members of the Swiss Hostels association are privately-run, budget accommodation places covering all of Switzerland. The aim of the association is to combine the marketing efforts of all the hostels together. The main target segment is represented by low-budget tourists –  the young and the young-at-heart travellers, whose experience and uncomplicated way of making contacts is important.

Being a member with Swiss Hostels has many benefits:

  1. Having a presence on www.swisshostels.com
  2. Bookings taken though the website www.swisshostels.com
  3. www.swisshostels.com is on the mobile version for Smartphones
  4. Entry in the Swiss Hostels Guide and free, Europe-wide distribution
  5. Exchange of experience/ideas
  6. Representation of this branch in tourism and politics
  7. Marketing for the entire group of Swiss Hostels
  8. Shared purchasing

You can find more information in the PDF Document “Dossier for New Members“. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to a successful partnership – for you and for Swiss Hostels!

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Your Contact:

Roswitha Griesemer
President & Project Manager Swiss Hostels
Tel. 0041 71 780 08 30

Tanja Schäfli
Tel. 0041 33 823 46 46