Embedded between nearby Alpine peaks and the hilly terrain of the Jura, the French-speaking city of Geneva lies in the bay where the Rhone leaves Lake Geneva. With its humanitarian tradition and cosmopolitan flair, the European seat of the UNO and headquarters of the Red Cross is known as the “capital of peace”.

Gently sloping vineyards border the shores of the lake, with the capital city of Lausanne across from the highest Alpine peaks. Lively towns and small wine-growing villages appear scattered at random.


A major exhibition exceptionally occupying all four floors of the Museum. Four museographic approaches, four perspectives on the world of birds. A fine occasion for children and adults to get to know birds better in order to protect them better.
Ceramics of Islam: The Ariana selects from its storerooms
After Italian pottery in 2006, the Ariana Museum is presenting, with Ceramics of Islam, the second part of its collections to the public, exhibiting not only its masterpieces, but also more common specimens, those of dubious attribution and possible .....
Controlling light
Is it possible to constrain light? Force it to take a particular path or change its colour? Through a series of interactive devices you can discover the fun answers to these questions: games with mirrors, coloured shadows, miniature rainbows and opti.....
Contemporary creation and patronage, a sustainable alliance.
The world of contemporary ceramics abounds with inventive artists, evolving at the intersection between applied arts, design and contemporary art. A selection of evocative pieces attests to the diversity of the current scene and to the commitment of .....
Geneva saw the emergence in the 18th century of highlytalented satirical artists such as Wolfgang-Adam Töpffer. This exhibition compares the work of Genevan figures with those of English artists, who fed their comic wit, sometimes fiercely critical o.....
Joachim Koester
Often regarded as being on the borderline between documentary and fiction, the work of Joachim Koester explores, through photography and video, the grey area between conscious and the unconscious. A new video co-produced by the Centre is presented in.....
Insolite Nudity
A selection of unique pieces from the Antiquity to the 20th century, originating from Africa, Asia, Oceania and pre-Columbian America. The visitors acquainted with what we call the “primitive” arts will not be surprised to see the representations of .....
Rodin: the accident and the random
Auguste Rodin revitalized modern sculpture by introducing into the notion of random and the accident. Accepting chance outcomes, he incorporated elements into his artistic approach that owed nothing to his own personnal initiative. The accident thus .....
Music in Summer
Music in Summer is a festival organized by the city of Geneva. During the entire summer, more than thirty concerts will take place in outdoors places such as Cour de l’Hôtel de Ville and Ella Fitzgerald stage in Parc de La Grange. This festival propo.....
Bâtie Festival
Concerts, dance, art shows, theater events and other performances are featured throughout the duration of the festival. During 16 days discover international artists or local artists in different places.
Gustave Courbet - The Swiss years
Courbet spent the last years of his life near the shores of Lake Geneva, painting, exhibiting his work and taking an interest in Swiss artistic and political life. This exhibition reconsiders this period in the artist’s career, neglected by art histo.....
23rd March of Hope
A charity walk along the Geneva Lakeside: It’s all very simple, everyone taking part looks for sponsors who agree to contribute a certain sum for each kilometre walked. On the day of the walk, they are given a ‘passport’ which is stamped by voluntee......
World Investment Forum 2014
Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF 2014)
Horyou is pleased to announce the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum 2014 (SIGEF 2014). This inaugural event combines a number of interactive sessions that will showcase the global cultural diversity of the participants.
Festival Tous Ecrans
Festival Tous Ecrans / Geneva International Film Festival has been exploring the relationship between cinema, television, and new forms of digital creation since 1995, with a programme based on one simple idea: Authors are at the heart of audio-visua.....
Opening in the old town
12 art galleries and 3 museums open their doors in Old Town.
Course de l'escalade
Each year, on the first Saturday of December, the most popular sporting event in Geneva takes place in the old town: The Escalade Race. All the races take place in the narrow streets of the old town and finish in the Bastion Park. As from 6 years ol......
Open House Day
Wine lovers, don't miss the “Open House Day“, a unique event in the heart of the beautiful Geneva's countryside. Geneva’s wineries open their doors to share their passion and present wines made from the previous year’s harvest.