Mondaine SBB and Mondaine Helvetica – authentic, simple and timeless

Since it was established by Erwin Bernheim in 1951, the Swiss watch manufacturer Mondaine Watch Ltd. has become a leader of the Swiss watchmaking industry. The Swiss-made watches of the Swiss family enterprise are divided into the Mondaine SBB and the Mondaine Helvetica collections. The latter was inspired by the Helvetica® font.

Over the years, the Mondaine SBB watch has become an iconic classic. Its face is recognized around the globe. The design has been Mondaine’s heart and soul since 1986. As is the Swiss railway clock, Mondaine watches are known for their simple design, suggestive of the Bauhaus style, and featuring an unmistakable face, distinctive hands and, of course, the legendary red second hand.

In 2014 Mondaine unveiled the new Mondaine Helvetica collection, which epitomizes Switzerland. Mondaine Helvetica is a simple, timeless and fascinating watch. With the Helvetica® sans serif font, the collection somehow seems familiar, yet new, different, like never seen before because of its details. The models are very simple and subtle while strong and independent at the same time. An exceptional form of timekeeping with a significant recognition factor.

The Mondaine SBB watches are sold at most Swiss railways stations and by specialized retailers. The Mondaine Helvetica watches are available only from specialized retailers. 

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