Yatchi - An artistic journey from Japan to Switzerland

Yatchyo Itoh, Yatchi, was born in Tokyo. First trained as a graphic designer, she has subsequently worked as an illustrator for Japanese newspapers and magazines. She continues her creative work in parallel and exhibits regularly in Switzerland and Japan. She has lived and worked in Carouge since 1995. This retrospective exhibition is part of the commemorations to mark 150 years of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan.


Gustave Courbet - The Swiss years

Courbet spent the last years of his life near the shores of Lake Geneva, painting, exhibiting his work and taking an interest in Swiss artistic and political life. This exhibition reconsiders this period in the artist’s career, neglected by art history, and measures his impact on the artistic scene of the country. It is part of the “Season Courbet” organised by the Beyeler Foundation and the MAH.


Tissot: The light of time

“Tissot: The light of time” tells the fascinating story of the development of the first tactile watch ever to experience the benefits of the light of day, the men’s Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar and the women’s version, the Tissot T-Touch Lady Solar.


Superman, Batman & Co…mics!

Nowadays, the universe of Superheroes is familiar to us, at least in its cinematographic aspect: Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Hulk and other Avengers seem to be fighting, season after season the first place at the box-office. However, the “comics culture” which appeared in the middle of the 1930’s (Superman was born in 1938) is relatively unknown from the general public although it totally belongs to and influences the occidental imagination.



Geneva saw the emergence in the 18th century of highlytalented satirical artists such as Wolfgang-Adam Töpffer. This exhibition compares the work of Genevan figures with those of English artists, who fed their comic wit, sometimes fiercely critical of their day.


Gourmet pleasures: A gastronomic and historical tour

This exhibition explores, from a historical perspective, our culinary habits and the tradition of hospitality in Carouge which, in 1792, already contained 143 inns or other drinking establishments, to the great delight of the people of Geneva; a tradition that is more alive than ever.



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