Geneva Marathon

The Marathon offers a route of 42,195 km (26 miles) in the heart of Geneva. The course will take in both town and countryside, allowing the runners to admire the mind-blowing mountain landscapes, whilst discovering the beautiful sights of Geneva: The Jet d'eau (water fountain), the Flower Clock, the Mont Blanc bridge.


Dance festival

At the begining of May, libraries, theaters, pedestrian crossings and even private apartments will act as dance floors. The 9th edition of the Festival of Dance offers over 90 dance classes and workshops in Geneva and in the partner communes of Carouge, Meyrin and Vernier. Ballet, jazz, foxtrot, urban dance and even oriental dance : the young and old alike will certainly find something that suits them.


The Chronokids

The Chronokids Adèle and Marvin travel through time using their mobile phone found at the fleamarket. On the basis of the graphic novel, visitors will be able to discover, from a historical and scientific perspective, seven major inventions which have had a substantial impact on our society.


HelveticDanse - Absolut Dansa

In honour of the two hundred anniversary of Geneva's entry into the Swiss Confederation:
New creation
Choreographer, Set & Costume Designer Johan Inger
Music by Johann Sebastian Bach
Flockwork Choreographer, Set & Costume Designer Alexander Ekman
Music by A. Matmos, A. Ekman, Z. Jeammaire, M. Monnot
Ballet Basel – Director Richard Wherlock


HelveticDanse - Glory

In honour of the two hundred anniversary of Geneva's entry into the Swiss Confederation:
Glory, Choreographer Andonis Foniadakis.
Music by Georg Friedrich Haendel.
Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève – Director Philippe Cohen.


Superman, Batman & Co…mics!

Nowadays, the universe of Superheroes is familiar to us, at least in its cinematographic aspect: Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Hulk and other Avengers seem to be fighting, season after season the first place at the box-office. However, the “comics culture” which appeared in the middle of the 1930’s (Superman was born in 1938) is relatively unknown from the general public although it totally belongs to and influences the occidental imagination.



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